Aluminum Bleachersbleachers

Aluminum bleachers are an ideal mass seating system typically used in sports arenas. Bleachers are available in a number of
different sizes, including custom built sizes. Bleachers also typically are available in a few different styles as well. Whatever the event is you need aluminum bleachers for, they are #1 most used and cost effective way to maximize the number of seated viewers for a particular space.

What choices do I have for bleachers?

Aluminum Bleachers can be had in standard sizes or ordered in a custom size to meet your specific site or use requirements. The standard aluminum bleacher sizes are measured by the number of rows and the width of the seating planks.

How do I determine what size bleachers I need?

As a general rule of thumb, aluminum bleachers seat one spectator every 18 inches per row. So take for example a standard 3 row by 15 foot wide bleacher assembly and it will accommodate 540 inches of seating. Divide 540 inches by 18 inches per spectator and you have an approximate 30-person seating capacity.