Leasing/Municipal Leasing

PlayPower Financial offers the most efficient and flexible financing options with Municipal Leasing.

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Municipal Leasing Features

  • Funds 100% of your Project or Equipment Cost
  • Does not Constitute Statutory Debt
  • Approved by Board / Council – No Bond Election Required
  • Flexible Terms – Choose from Deferred Annual, Semi-Annual, etc.
  • Provides Early Redemption Privileges

What is Municipal Leasing?

  • Municipal Leasing is a proven and legal means of financing
  • Municipal Leasing is a Tax-Exempt Lease
  • Authorized by section 103(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, a tax-exempt lease or lease-purchase agreement is an installment purchase, conditional sale or lease with an option to purchase for nominal value. It may also be referred to as a municipal lease. The interest earned by the investor is exempt from federal income tax

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