Commercial Playground Equipment and Services


Through our playground equipment services, we help organizations build their dream play structures by transferring the work from their hands to ours. We’ll transform your commercial site with any of the following services.


Playground Sales & Installation

We take great pride in offering the full line of commercial playground structures and play components manufactured by Little Tikes. Our commitment to providing this positive environment starts with meeting and/or exceeding compliance with the performance safety specifications established by organizations such as ASTM, CPSC, CSA and EN.

We provide custom, complimentary and knowledgeable information and quotes based on your project location, ideas and accessibility. We maintain certified and educated teams of installers to ensure safety standards are not only met, but exceeded with proper equipment installation.

Playground Renovation & Repair

Your playground’s condition can impact children’s safety and your commercial area’s reputation. If your playground is looking a little worse for wear, we can transform it with our playground equipment repair and renovation services. We will work with you to enhance an existing play structure with new components and replacements to get it operating safely and looking good as new.

Playground Relocation

Just because you’re changing locations doesn’t mean you have to leave your beloved playground behind. We can relocate your current play equipment and install it in a new location. Through our playground relocation services, our team will uproot, transport and reinstall playgrounds of all sizes so you don’t have to invest in new play structures.

Playground Demolition/Recycling

When it comes time to say goodbye to an old playground, Playworx is here to help you dismantle it with safety and care. Through our playground demolition services, we’ll perform the removal and recycling of your old playgrounds, ensuring they’re cleaned up carefully and disposed of sustainably.

Playground Surfacing & Installation

We also provide innovative play surfacing to meet all safety standards and requirements in the latest designs, quality, colors and styles. You can choose from our wide range of playground surfacing materials from EcoSoft Surfacing, including loose-fill wood fiber, pour-in-place and rubber. We ensure that all safety, size, areas and depths meet required standards during installation.

Site Shades

Nothing provides all-day protection from the sun’s harmful rays like our playground shade structures. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, colors and textures for your specific location with correct in-ground mount or surface mount installations. Once you choose your ideal shade configuration, our experts will install it for you.

Park Shelters & Pavilions

You can add an element of functionality and sophistication to your park with our park shelter and pavilion installation services. These beautiful structures make the ideal place to enjoy a midday meal or relax with friends or family. Request a quote for a custom shelter for your location based on design and safety standards to suit your needs.

Community/Park Amenities

We can help you add the finishing touches to your playground with stylish and practical site amenities. To include benches, trash receptacles, picnic tables or even barbecues, we can ship any site amenity and install it for you. Once you choose the products that speak to you, your job is done!

Play Equipment Replacement & Parts

A well-used park will experience occasional wear and tear. That’s why we offer playground equipment replacement services, where we ship parts directly to you. Whether you need swings seats replaced or new chains or even additional trash receptacles, we can ship direct.

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For commercial playground services, choose Playworx. We’re dedicated to creating play environments like no other, giving children fun and enriching places to learn and grow.

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Commercial Playground Equipment and Services