NRG Kinetics Equipment Collection

The NRG Kinetics collection puts youngsters in action as they complete various fitness challenges. With their modern architectural style, these constructions create novel play situations for children and help them develop their strength, balance and sensory abilities.

Playworx delivers and constructs NRG Kinetics rope climbing playground equipment for kids of all ages. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

Types of Climbing Playground Equipment

Children can benefit from climbing a variety of structures. You may combine these structures into the design of your ideal playground or use them as standalone components. Some popular climbing equipment pieces include:

  • Playground climbing nets: These rope structures can be integrated into naval or nature-themed playgrounds, making them an excellent choice for imaginative play.
  • Rock walls: Rock climbing walls offer ledges and footholds for children to lift themselves and a rope between the rocks for an added challenge.
  • Climbing domes: Complex constructions such as web towers and jungle gyms present children with a challenge to solve — they must prepare ahead of time and determine which steps they can take to get to the other side.
  • Overhead climbing equipment: Overhead climbing equipment, such as monkey bars and challenge ladders, encourages children to build their grip and upper body strength while working on their core and sense of balance.

Benefits of Climbing Equipment

Kids employ abilities like climbing to explore and test their surroundings as they grow. Playground climbing structures enable children to investigate in a safe and engaging environment. This equipment provides a variety of benefits:


Climbing activates the brain in valuable ways and assists with:

  • Learning how to make decisions and solve problems.
  • Increasing attention.
  • Improving long- and short-term memory.
  • Enhancing pattern recognition.


Climbing is a low-impact body workout for kids of all ages that promotes development in several ways:

  • Pulling up one’s body weight increases muscle strength.
  • Grasping handholds improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Scouting for spots to position hands and feet while climbing improves vision.
  • Climbing enhances speed, coordination, agility and balance.


Children’s interactions while climbing on a playground help them develop self-control and provide various emotional perks, including:

  • Increasing confidence in tackling obstacles.
  • Developing coping strategies for stress and fear.


Climbing stimulates children’s thinking and spatial awareness while also promoting two forms of sensory development:

  • Proprioception senses allow individuals to determine where their limbs are in relation to one another and the amount of force required for specific actions.
  • Vestibular senses help children grasp how their limbs interact with their environment.

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