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Site Amenities

Playground amenities provide park-goers with a sense of comfort and convenience while making your outdoor space look great. You can enhance the functionality and appearance of your park or playground with site amenities from Playworx.

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A few hours of adventure and play can work up an appetite. With a collection of colorful outdoor tables for parks, families can settle down for a much-needed meal or partake in a quick snack to refuel. Even without lunch plans, playground tables make an excellent meeting place for friends to socialize or older adults to get off their feet.


There’s no site amenity better appreciated than a nice, restful bench. Outdoor benches for parks provide a comfortable place to sit, creating a pleasant and functional environment. Whether guests are taking a break from a game of tag, supervising younger family members or simply enjoying the weather, your community will be sure to experience the value of your amenities.

Trash Cans

You can encourage your visitors to dispose of trash like food, wrappers and dog waste bags by purchasing outdoor trash cans for your site. Trash cans for parks and playgrounds can make a huge difference in your area, keeping your grounds looking beautiful and clean. When your outdoor space is free of litter, it’s more likely to attract and retain visitors.

Bike Racks

Outdoor bike racks are a necessity for your park. These site amenities give individuals a designated space to store their bikes, preventing this equipment from being strewn around the area where it could be tripped on or stolen.

We offer many fun and stylish bike racks to enhance your playground’s aesthetic value. No matter what option you go with, your guests will be sure to appreciate having a secure spot to place their bikes.

Grilling Equipment

There’s no better place for a summertime cookout than a park or playground. With our public grilling equipment, you can give visitors all the tools they need for the perfect outdoor barbeque.

We carry grills built with durable materials designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions, allowing your park-goers to enjoy freshly grilled burgers and hot dogs with family and friends for years to come.

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You can help families get the most out of your park or playground with site amenities from Playworx. We are a family-owned business dedicated to providing high-quality commercial playgrounds that help children learn and grow.

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