NRG Builders Equipment Collection

NRG Builders provides a cutting-edge play system that promotes stretching, upper-body strength, innovative exercises and competitiveness. Combined with the web wall, this system’s overhead structures are ideal for children aged 5 to 12. The NRG Builders components allow unlimited combinations, so you can tailor your play environment to the demands of your community.

Customize your playground with one-of-a-kind NRG Builders components from Little Tikes that help children gain strength and coordination while fostering imagination and creativity. NRG Builders’ deckless, aero-platform designs are affordable and have good lines of sight for easy supervision. This system’s blend of fitness-inspired play and double-sided components provides twice the entertainment, making it ideal for school playgrounds. Contact the Playworx team to build your next playground.

Commercial Outdoor Play Equipment

Our commercial playground equipment includes overhead and climbing activities that encourage youngsters to enjoy physical activity while improving strength and coordination. This system, which consists of products like the Bermuda TriangleDouble-Web Crawler and Floating Rope Ladder, provides a fitness play experience that makes exercising exciting and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The NRG Builders Direct Connect system is powerful and durable, with tamper-resistant stainless steel hardware and galvanized steel posts that meet the strictest safety standards. The open design and double-sided components allow children to participate in the excitement from any angle. Opportunities for hands-on play promote sensory development, while the vast area enables several children to play simultaneously, allowing social skills to blossom.

Custom Playground Installation

At Playworx, we strive to make building a playground as simple as possible by offering professional support at all stages. Our construction process involves a few easy steps to assist you in making your dream playground a reality:

  • Planning and design: We send a member of our expert staff to your site to help establish your playground concept. This site visit allows us to understand your available space and the area’s conditions. Our architects will then create the right design for your play structure.
  • Installation: Our trusted in-house playground construction team can install all your playground equipment so that you don’t have to. We have a factory-certified and insured crew, so you can be confident that we have the necessary expertise to do the task properly.
  • Maintenance: With our playground maintenance services, our crew can repair or replace any section of your playground, allowing you to keep your structures in top-notch quality for years.

We carry various custom playground sets with unique features for you to choose from, such as:

  • Modular system: This modular design can be connected to standard post and platform play structures to create new play options, making it an excellent alternative for those on a tight budget. The deckless design allows for unobstructed lines of sight, so parents, instructors and caregivers can supervise easily.
  • Phase building: This simple-to-install system features a linkable architecture ideal for developing in stages. Connect the next phase of your playground or add more elements when your funds permit to create an exciting playground for your community.

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The Playworx team has over 20 years of expertise designing, constructing and maintaining playgrounds and can assist you in creating a playground that your community enjoys for years to come. With these systems, you can help children establish a lifelong enjoyment of physical exercise.

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NRG Builders Equipment Collection