Preschool Playground Equipment

As toddlers blossom into preschoolers, they develop better control over their bodies. Preschool playground equipment offers these youngsters ample opportunities to grow physically, cognitively and emotionally as they socialize, play and have fun.

At Playworx, our playground design experts take play seriously. We proudly create playground equipment that meets preschoolers’ unique active, mental and social play needs. Our preschool playground equipment and play structures are Certified Playground Safety Inspection (CPSI)-certified and meet Americans With Disabilities Act safety guidelines to facilitate safe, fun learning environments for children 2 to 5 years old.

The Benefits of Playground Equipment for Ages 2 to 5

Play is a critical aspect of learning for children, making playgrounds the perfect place for preschoolers to develop essential skills they’ll carry throughout their lives. Playgrounds help children stay physically and mentally healthy by keeping them active and giving them opportunities to explore and solve problems.

In addition to strengthening their muscles and providing opportunities for socialization and play, playground equipment helps preschoolers develop balance, flexibility, agility and hand-eye coordination. These play areas also encourage a child to learn how to cooperate with other kids, get imaginative and role-play, allowing their social skills and creativity to shine.

Playworx Playground Equipment for 2- to 5-Year-Olds

Playworx preschool playground designs, such as our Clever Climbers play structures, foster a child’s imagination. These products also encourage children to crawl, climb, swing and grasp objects to develop their fine and gross motor skills.

For example, our commercial playgrounds for 2- to 5-year-olds often include the following equipment:

  • Straight and spiral slides
  • Climbers
  • Ramps
  • Activity panels
  • Music panels
  • Stairways
  • Step and rung ladders
  • Horizontal ladders
  • Crawl spaces
  • Stairs

Design Commercial Playgrounds With Playworx

If you’re ready to design a playground for children 2 to 5 years old but don’t know where to begin, turn to our playground design experts at Playworx. You can trust our qualified team to provide a safe, accessible and durable playground for your community.

We’ve designed commercial playgrounds for the following organizations in Georgia and Florida:

Our Playground Design Services

Our design and build process is straightforward, and we keep you informed from beginning to end. When you’re ready to design your playground, our helpful team will guide you step-by-step. Here’s how we help communities build developmentally appropriate playgrounds:

  • Planning and design: Our playground design experts begin by helping you plan and design your playground equipment using state-of-the-art computer-aided design technology.
  • Consultation: Next, one of our knowledgeable sales consultants will walk you through your purchasing options and educate you about playground safety so that you feel confident about your decisions.
  • Installation: Once we’ve finalized a playground design, our factory-trained and insured installation technicians will install your preschool playground equipment.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is vital to ensuring your commercial playground lasts for many years, and our technicians will replace any damaged components covered under the product warranty.
  • Financing: At Playworx, we understand that a playground is a significant investment. We aim to help you make your dream playground a reality by offering flexible, affordable purchasing options and financing solutions to suit your needs and desired budget.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising is another way to support your community’s dream playground financially. We proudly partner with Little Tikes to help you develop and implement fundraising programs and events.

Request a Free Estimate for Your Commercial Playground

At Playworx, we recognize the vital roles that play and physical activity have in a child’s development. Our playground design experts boast over 20 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining commercial playgrounds for Florida and Georgia communities. We’ll help you create and install a beautiful and fun commercial playground that suits your community’s needs and preferred budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our playground design and building services or request a free design estimate!


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