Playground Equipment for Apartments & HOAs

Apartment Complexes and Homeowners Associations

Apartment complex managers and homeowners association (HOA) leadership know attracting families to their communities is vital. Amenities like play spaces are a key way to accomplish that. Help increase your property’s appeal by partnering with Playworx to create innovative play spaces that deliver family fun.

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 Playground Equipment for Apartment Complexes & HOAs

We offer complete support for your playground at every project phase.

HOA and Apartment Complex Playground Equipment

Playworx offers Little Tikes commercial playground equipment for apartment complexes and HOAs. Even your youngest residents can enjoy playtime with our infant playground systems and toddler play components. Keep older kids entertained with custom designs from our preteen playground equipment and teen and adult play options. We even provide impact-attenuating playground surfacing options to complete your space’s look and boost its safety.

Our modular play systems allow you to choose the best elements for your property and tailor your configurations to your needs.

Additional Complex and HOA Amenities and Services

We can also help further upgrade your community’s quality of life with extras like:

Playworx provides services for playground demolition, recycling and renovation as well.

Expert Consultations for Planning and Design

When you work with Playworx, we’ll help you figure out where to start and what comes next. We’ll match you with an experienced sales and design representative to advise you at every step.

Our process starts with an on-site visit where we’ll review your needs, goals and apartment complex or HOA playground requirements for safety. Getting an in-person look at your space helps us make the best recommendations for your budget and vision. Once we’ve customized your design, we’ll explore your options for financing and purchasing the equipment.

Installations From Factory-Trained Crews

After we finalize your order, your work here is done. We’ll dispatch our certified, insured and highly skilled in-house installation crews to take care of the rest. You can also depend on them for post-installation warranty service and parts replacements to ensure the job is done properly.

4 Benefits of Playgrounds for Apartment Complexes and HOAs

The benefits of adding a playground to your HOA or apartment complex go beyond simple fun.

1. Increase Property Value

Investing in a playground can boost property values for everyone in your community. Your organization may even command higher HOA fees or rent with your play space.

Research from the National Recreation and Park Association demonstrates families are willing to pay up to 20% more for homes near a park. The value may be even higher for multifamily properties, where residents often don’t have a backyard. Being close to the playground gives them quick access to an amenity they can’t place on their property.

2. Attract More Families

Families enhance a community’s stability, making appealing to them crucial. The many housing options available to them mean your complex or HOA must find a way to set itself apart from others. Playgrounds are ideal for gaining a competitive edge — the more amenities your property offers, the more families you’ll attract.

3. Build a Tight-Knit Community

Tight-knit communities offer many benefits for their residents, including better security and a sense of belonging. Residents establish shared accountability in communities where people know and interact with their neighbors. The result is lower crime as people watch out for and respect each other. Those living in communities with strong bonds also often have better emotional, physical and mental health. They feel connected to their fellow residents and are likelier to remain at the property.

Playgrounds are ideal for helping build this rapport because they serve as gathering places for families to meet and socialize with their neighbors. When you add amenities like seating or grills to your property, you encourage that interaction.

4. Show Residents You Value Their Health

Physical activity is great for healthier living. It releases endorphins that improve mood and helps kids develop the social, body and problem-solving skills they need. Plus, research has linked outdoor play to reduced childhood obesity, lower myopia risk and better behavior.

By adding a playground to your property, you promote this valuable activity that improves everyone’s quality of life.

Let Playworx Help With Your Apartment Complex and HOA Playground Equipment

We’re here to guide you through a seamless playground project, from planning to post-installation support. Talk to a Playworx expert by calling (866) 806-6541 or submitting our digital contact form.


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Playground Equipment for Apartments & HOAs