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Though building a playground may seem costly on the surface, we make it affordable with playground equipment financing. Start enjoying the benefits of a new playground today!


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Playground?

Commercial playgrounds vary widely in price. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay about $1,000 per child. For example, if you want to build a playground big enough for 30 kids, you’ll likely pay around $30,000 for your project.

Playgrounds involve numerous costs for you to consider before starting your project:

  • Equipment: About 50% to 60% of your budget will go toward the playground equipment itself, such as slides, jungle gyms and climbing playsets.
  • Site preparation: Your installation site will likely require preparation like landscaping, drainage, earthmoving, fencing or grading. How much site preparation you need will depend on your landscape conditions.
  • Installation: You’ll likely use between 20% and 30% of your funds to pay for equipment installation services.
  • Shipping: Transporting your playground equipment to your location will cost between 5% and 15% of your budget, depending on the distance between your site and the shipping center.
  • Surfacing: Surfacing materials like turf, rubber and loose-fill fiber are vital for playgrounds, helping to improve safety while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Site amenities: You may want to install site amenities into your park, like benches, picnic tables and trash cans, to further enhance your space.

How to Finance a Playground

With so many playground costs, it’s important that you have a means of affording your next big park project. With playground equipment financing options from Playworx, you can build your dream playground now and pay for it later. We offer Marlin equipment financing, giving you the flexibility you need to make payments over time so you can preserve capital and better manage your expenses.

Commercial playground financing is achievable in a few simple steps:

  • Select your equipment: Browse our playground equipment and choose the structures that speak to you.
  • Apply for financing: Next, you’ll choose the financing option that works for you and submit an application.
  • Sign your lease: Once your application is approved, you will sign your lease agreement with Marlin.
  • Build your playground: Now, you’re ready to receive your playground equipment and begin building!
  • Pay monthly: You’ll make affordable monthly payments for your equipment until it’s paid off.

Who Qualifies for Tax-Exempt Financing?

The issuer of a tax-exempt obligation must be a State or possession of the U.S., the District of Columbia or a political subdivision thereof. Political subdivisions include cities, towns, counties and other municipalities. They may include other state entities such as school districts, special purpose districts (fire, parks, utility, water, etc.), hospitals, agencies, authorities, boards and commissions.

Benefits of Playground Equipment Financing

Playset financing makes playground equipment more affordable with the following advantages:

  • Tax benefits and exemptions
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Preserved capital
  • Faster equipment installation
  • No down payment required
  • Immediate revenue generation
  • Predictable fixed payments
  • Credit line availability
  • Financing for 100% of your project

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