NRG Freestyle Equipment Collection

NRG Freestyle playgrounds are ideal for budget-conscious builders since they provide several customization possibilities and allow you to phase-build your play area. Instead of purchasing and building your playground at once, this system’s linear design lets you progressively add to it as your budget permits.

The ground-level unit of NRG Freestyle helps children develop their strength and coordination. Its galvanized steel posts and tamper-resistant stainless steel fittings meet the strictest safety requirements. NRG Freestyle employs sturdy steel wires wrapped in long-lasting braided nylon and linked by strong connectors. Contact us at Playworx for affordable playground sets to meet your needs.

Unique and Budget-Friendly Playground Designs

NRG Freestyle provides reasonably priced playgrounds for consumers who do not want to cut corners. This entry-level system keeps costs low by omitting decks while delivering an appealing linear structure and interesting play areas. The design is adaptable to various site uses and circumstances, making it an excellent solution for various play scenarios. NRG Freestyle can also link to Kid Builders®, Play Builders ® and NRG Builders® systems, allowing you to expand your playground easily.

This range of equipment helps children keep active and develop their athletic, social, emotional and cognitive skills while having fun. NRG Freestyle designs include:

  • Versa Climb: This rock wall is now available as an endcap for the NRG Freestyle line, providing children with an engaging climbing experience.
  • Vertical Net: This entertaining, two-sided structure adds a climbing course with flexible rope pieces.
  • Hoop-La Alley: The thick structure and straight shape of this play structure give children the thrilling sensation of being in a tunnel, while the open layout offers caregivers lots of visibility to supervise.

Importance of Playground Equipment for Kids of All Ages

Play equipment provides an enjoyable and engaging experience, benefiting children’s cognitive, social and physical development in various ways:


We provide affordable commercial playground equipment that includes monkey bars, climbers, slides, rope climbers and overhead ladders. Climbing, swinging, sliding and balancing on these objects all promote strength, coordination and flexibility. These exercises test motor abilities, helping children fine-tune their motions and gain body awareness. These structures also promote:

  • Upper body strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Core body strength


Climbing structures encourage kids to make decisions, plan actions and assess hazards, all of which help them develop their cognitive abilities. Play equipment also promotes imagination and creativity, allowing them to engage in imaginative play and improve their narrative skills, such as:

  • Language and literacy: Promote early childhood speech and brain development.
  • Problem-solving: Encourage children to develop solutions to participate in play successfully.
  • Strategic thinking: Prompt users to plan how to complete obstacles.


Children who play outside learn to interact, collaborate and bargain with their peers. Playground equipment frequently necessitates collaboration and cooperation since users may need to help one another or take turns. They subsequently acquire social skills like compassion, patience and teamwork.

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Playworx has decades of expertise in designing, constructing and managing playgrounds for schools, parks, housing developments and sports fields. Our trained in-house building team can assist you in creating fascinating, safe and long-lasting playgrounds that encourage children to have fun. Contact us now to get a free quote or to learn more about our playground design and construction services.


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NRG Freestyle Equipment Collection