MaxPlay Equipment Collection

The MaxPlay equipment collection is the ideal alternative for smaller spaces and tight budgets. This preconfigured system has a minimal footprint, allowing you to utilize your playground and get a high return on investment. The equipment fits your demands without breaking the budget and can maintain the same level of quality and safety as other Playworx commercial playgrounds. MaxPlay is a fun and imaginative choice that children of all ages will enjoy for years.

MaxPlay equipment comes in three color schemes and multiple configurations. Pre-welded factory-installed brackets allow for speedy installation, while the exceptionally robust posts and thick steel decks and platforms ensure strength, safety and longevity. Playworx sells, delivers and builds small commercial playgrounds that meet your unique needs. Contact us for a free quote.

Maximize Play in Small Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor play is essential for children’s well-being. Creating an outdoor place for children might feel intimidating when you have limited space or unique design ideas. Playworx provides solutions with colorful small playground sets.

Our playground equipment for small spaces offers the following benefits:

  • Small footprint: The equipment has a modest footprint but can accommodate the components of a much bigger playground. This system’s play zones allow children to concentrate on physical, emotional and sensory skill development in one location through engaging activities.
  • High quality and low cost: These cost-effective playgrounds make the most of your available space and resources, allowing you to create a play area you’ll be pleased with. MaxPlay playgrounds comprise safe, high-quality materials that provide children with fun play as they develop social and cognitive abilities through hands-on activities.
  • Imaginative play: We have the ideal method for bringing inspiration and creativity to your playground. Our team provides superior play at affordable prices, allowing children to explore their surroundings in various configurations designed to utilize compact spaces.

Features and Benefits of Our MaxPlay Equipment

Our MaxPlay equipment options allow children to roam about, reach new heights and experience the exhilaration of whooshing through the air down commercial playground slides. This one-of-a-kind structure, complete with soaring roofs and non-linear climbing trails, invites children to enter a realm of exploration, creativity and adventure. In addition, the preconfigured system has limitless component possibilities and is available in a variety of colors.

Other benefits include:

  • Physical: These small commercial playgrounds help children build arm and shoulder muscular strength, increase leg and hip muscle function and strengthen trunk muscles.
  • Cognitive: These structures support early childhood speech and brain development by urging kids to organize their actions and devise methods to overcome problems.
  • Sensory: Play improves proprioception, allowing children to know precisely where their bodies are in space and how to plan their actions. It also enhances vestibular senses, which affect how their bodies interact with gravity for movement and balance.

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For decades, Playworx has assisted towns, organizations and businesses in designing and maintaining playgrounds that will benefit future generations of children. Contact us today to learn about our exciting playground designs, high-quality construction processes and excellent customer service.


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