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Bleachers and Sports Equipment

You can enhance your commercial outdoor space with high-quality bleachers and sports equipment from Playworx. We have the wide selection and customization capabilities needed to provide you with the perfect products for your site.

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Aluminum Bleachers

Aluminum bleachers are an ideal mass seating system typically used in sports arenas. Bleachers are available in a number of different sizes, including custom-built sizes. Bleachers also typically are available in a few different styles as well. Whatever the event is you need aluminum bleachers for, they are the #1 most used and cost-effective way to maximize the number of seated viewers for a particular space.

What Choices Do I Have for Bleachers?

Aluminum bleachers can be had in standard sizes or ordered in a custom size to meet your specific site or use requirements. We’ll provide you with custom-built aluminum bleachers uniquely made with your play site in mind. No matter the size, structure, style or number of rows, we’ll work hard to get you bleachers that meet or exceed your expectations.

How Do I Determine What Size Bleachers I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, aluminum bleachers seat one spectator every 18 inches per row. So, take, for example, a standard three-row by 15-foot-wide bleacher assembly. Multiply three by 15 to get 45 feet total, then multiply this number by 12 to determine the bleachers’ size in inches — it will accommodate 540 inches of seating. Divide 540 inches by 18 inches per spectator and you have an approximate 30-person seating capacity.

Outdoor Commercial Sports Equipment

What’s the use of bleachers without some high-quality athletic equipment to accompany them? When you secure outdoor sporting solutions for your school or park, you can provide your visitors with tools to inspire their athletic urges. Whether you install basketball hoops or field equipment, you can expect your community to get in on the action.

When you come to Playworx for your outdoor athletic equipment, we can help you improve your community and provide fun for all ages with top-of-the-line park gym equipment.

Our Outdoor Athletic Equipment Options

We carry a comprehensive line of outdoor sports equipment for parks from Gared with everything you need to transform your commercial space into your own personal stadium. Some of the many types of equipment you can expect from our selection include:

  • Basketball hoops
  • Volleyball nets
  • Soccer nets
  • Tennis courts
  • Football goal posts
  • Batting cages
  • Soccer training aids
  • Lacrosse goals
  • Scoreboards

Benefits of Bleachers and Sports Equipment

Bleachers and sports equipment make the perfect additions to any outdoor space, including parks, schools, churches and sports fields. Investing in our outdoor commercial sports equipment and aluminum bleachers means experiencing a wide range of benefits for your communal space, including:

  • Encouraging physical fitness: Outdoor sports offer many physical health advantages to people of all ages, such as improving muscle strength and cardiovascular health, burning fat, and even combating disease.
  • Increasing community engagement: Sporting events bring people together, encouraging communities to gather, interact and grow.
  • Improving mental development: With outdoor athletic equipment and bleachers in your park, you can expect kids to learn and grow interpersonally and cognitively through personal achievements, environmental awareness and social interactions.
  • Providing accessible equipment: While many sporting leagues cost money, your outdoor sporting equipment is fully accessible to the community, allowing anyone to participate.

You can find top-of-the-line sports equipment and aluminum bleachers for schools at Playworx. We’re dedicated to providing kids with lasting fun while encouraging learning and development.

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