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Playworx has helped faith-based facilities create and install innovative, engaging play systems since 2003 as a Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems partner. Our teams serve organizations throughout Georgia and Florida with a proven process and one-stop convenience for maximizing value.

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How Playworx Helps

Playworx is your dedicated source for playground creation, equipment, installation and repair.

Playground Equipment for Churches and Religious Facilities

We offer a full range of Little Tikes commercial playground equipment to meet your needs. Bring bespoke designs to life with our modular preteen playground components for those aged 5 to 12.

If your organization offers child care, you need day care playground equipment specially designed for this age group. Playworx will help you solve the challenge with age-appropriate infant playground equipment and toddler play systems built for their development levels.

Additional Amenities

Playworx is your solution for upgrading your playground space, too. In addition to shelters and pavilions, we can help you outfit your center with additional features like:

Planning and Design Consultations

We know developing a playground that meets everyone’s needs can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ll connect you with an experienced sales and design consultant to guide you and provide customized solutions.

They’ll visit your worship center to better understand your space, vision and needs. Next, they’ll draw on their playground safety expertise to recommend the best elements for your goals and budget. Finally, they’ll review your financing and purchasing options to help you select the right one for your place of worship.

Trusted Installation and Repair Services

You can also rest easy when it comes to installing your new design. Playworx has certified, fully insured crews in-house. Our technicians receive factory training to help ensure accurate and safe installations. These crews also provide warranty service and parts at no cost for more peace of mind.

Why Your Worship Center Needs a Playground

There are many benefits of church playgrounds and play spaces at places of worship.

1. Enrich Faith-Based Learning

Religious teachings and leadership messages can seem long to children, especially younger ones. As a result, they may become restless and bored. That outcome reinforces the need for children’s program managers to leverage their creativity. Your playground can serve as a space to bring lessons from your holy book to life. As kids act out certain roles, they gain greater meaning from the stories you’re teaching.

2. Foster Healthy Habits That Support Development

Physical play is instrumental in a child’s development. The equipment you provide lets them:

  • Strengthen their muscles and bones.
  • Learn balance and coordination.
  • Hone fine motor skills.
  • Gain self-confidence.

Additionally, physical play is a large part of a more active lifestyle. Prioritizing and encouraging movement at a young age can lead to future habits that result in longer, healthier lives.

3. Teach Positive Character Traits

Kids also learn social skills through play. Your worship center’s playground is their gathering spot for that. By engaging in competition and games, they learn community and cooperation. These interactions help them discover their skills and cope with their emotions. Taking turns during games or using playground equipment teaches them patience and consideration for others. Additional traits play can help children develop include kindness, generosity and conflict resolution.

4. Provide Family-Friendly Amenities to Encourage Attendance

Getting members of younger generations to come to religious services is a common challenge for places of worship. Attendance has declined in the U.S. for over two decades. Adding a playground to your worship center can help address this challenge in multiple ways.

First, a playground helps attract young families by capturing attention. It’s hard not to notice one, especially if you choose brightly colored components. When passers-by see these features, they know you’re family-friendly. Parents may have fewer reservations about attending services when they know energetic little ones are welcome.

Second, your play area can help promote fellowship events that encourage attendance. Playworx can help you upgrade your playground with other amenities to create a multipurpose space for gathering. Outfitting the surrounding area with perks like benches, picnic tables and grills can provide additional opportunities to enjoy fellowship with your faith community.

5. Enhance Safety

After sitting through religious services, kids are often full of pent-up energy. Without the right place to express that energy, children may entertain themselves by running through your worship center or playing games in the parking lot. A well-designed Playworx play system removes these potential dangers by providing a dedicated and safe place to let off steam.

Trust Playworx for Worship Center and Church Playground Equipment

Our sales and design team members are ready to help you get started. Contact us online, or talk to a playground expert at (866) 806-6541.


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