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School playgrounds are one of your institution’s most vital learning and development tools. Playworx can help you create a play space that maximizes your playground’s value and impact. Since 2003, our team has been a leading playground design and installation expert serving Florida and Georgia.

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Playworx Supports All Your School Playground Needs

We’re your singular solution for project design, installation and post-installation support.

School Playground Equipment

Playworx partners with Little Tikes Commercial Playground Systems to bring you high-quality playground equipment for schools. Our broad selection of modular components helps you create the right system for your space and budget. We have turnkey solutions for preteen playgrounds that let you tailor your elements with timeless options like:

  • Climbing structures
  • Merry-go-rounds
  • Sliding boards
  • Monkey bars or suspended rings
  • Sliding poles

Complementary Components

We can help you add complementary elements like shade structures and playground surfacing.

Our shade solutions protect against UV rays for students and staff. They’re durable and low-maintenance to maximize value.

Playworx offers numerous playground surfacing options for your space. All meet guidelines for accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act, plus attenuation standards set forth by ASTM and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Many also carry third-party certification from the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Expert Planning and Design Consultation

Our goal at Playworx is to deliver a successful playground project in the most seamless way possible. That’s why our experts are with you at every step, from concept to completion.

We start by meeting with you to review your goals and needs. An on-site visit allows us to get to know your space better, so we can make the best recommendations. We’ll provide a unique custom design that fits your space and budget. As your guide, your sales and design consultant will also offer playground safety standards expertise and information on purchasing and financing your system.

Certified Installation and Warranty Service

When your project is ready to install, our fully insured in-house crews handle the job for you. We’ve specially trained them so you can have confidence in a safe and accurate installation.

Throughout the warranty period, our technicians will return to replace covered parts and perform the required service at no cost.

4 Benefits of School Playgrounds

School playgrounds offer many benefits for kids beyond providing a place to burn off energy.

1. They Improve Academic Performance

Physical exercise improves students’ learning. Research shows it stimulates mental activity and increases chances of higher English and math grades by 20%. Play is also crucial to give kids’ minds a break so they return to the classroom refreshed and ready to focus.

Additionally, playgrounds let kids challenge themselves. When they successfully overcome an obstacle, they’re rewarded with self-confidence. That emotion can carry over to academics and provide an incentive to keep trying.

2. They Support Physical Health and Development

Today, American children average only four to seven minutes of outdoor play daily while logging over seven hours in front of a screen. When you invest in high-quality, engaging playground equipment, you invest in your students’ physical health by promoting outdoor play.

Research has linked more time playing outdoors to many advantages, including:

Outdoor play also allows kids to take in the sunshine their bodies need to make vitamin D3, which is vital to building strong bones. The elements you choose for your school’s play area support physical development in other ways, too. Typical playground equipment helps build muscle strength, supports healthy vestibular systems and enhances balance and coordination.

3. They Support Better Mental Well-Being

Children experience mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. The outdoor playground equipment you provide can have a substantial positive impact on their mental health.

Playing outside lets students reconnect with nature, which increases positive emotions that reduce stress and anxiety. Research has also proved that children with attention deficit disorder displayed more focus after 20 minutes of outdoor activity. Additionally, the physical act of play releases natural endorphins that further boost kids’ moods.

4. They Provide a Real-World Classroom

Playgrounds offer kids the chance to apply their classroom lessons outside and enrich their education. They can safely explore nature and the elements. The school playground equipment you invest in can also provide sensory input that teaches concepts like cause and effect. Students can share the things they learn with others, boosting their self-esteem.

Additionally, outdoor play areas let children practice and develop other crucial skills that prepare them for adulthood. Organizing games and managing play teaches leadership while engaging in play strategies helps sharpen their critical-thinking skills. They learn about decision-making as they choose what elements to interact with. Interacting with others also helps them strengthen their social skills.

Create Your School’s Playground With Playworx

Whether it’s completely new construction or a playground reinvention, Playworx can help make it a reality. Contact an expert online, or call us at (866) 806-6541.


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