Playground Equipment for Parks

Playworx has been a trusted partner for community parks in Georgia and Florida since 2003. We draw on deep industry knowledge and expertise in playground safety and design to help you provide your communities with more value from their parks.

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Complete Support for Your Park Needs

Playworx offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end park solutions to reimagine your space.

Playground Equipment for Parks

We have an extensive selection of high-quality Little Tikes commercial playground equipment to bring your park’s play spaces to life. Our choices include solutions for all ages, such as:

The Little Tike commercial equipment we carry is modular, so you can choose pieces to best meet your park’s needs.

Other Site Amenities

Playworx also offers many complementary products to help your visitors maximize the benefits of public parks. Our options include:

Our specialists can also help with solutions like:

  • Pavilions and shelters
  • Renovations, demolitions and recycling
  • Parts, repairs and warranty service

Planning and Design Support

At Playworx, we strive to make the concept-to-reality process as seamless as possible for you. Our experts will meet with you on-site to discuss your vision and goals. We’ll also tour your space to get firsthand knowledge of its unique setting, opportunities and challenges. Then, we’ll design a fully custom system to meet your playground needs.

Expert Consultation

An experienced Playworx representative will be your expert guide through every step of the process. Our sales consultants are familiar with crucial playground safety standards and are happy to lend their expertise. They’ll also review your purchasing and financing options to help you maximize your investment.

Professional Installation

Your job is over once the initial planning, design and financing options are finalized. Playworx has highly trained, certified and fully insured in-house crews to handle the installation. You can relax and watch your project come to life with the confidence that we’ll do the job right.

5 Benefits of Adding Public Park Playground Equipment and Amenities

Adding a playground and other amenities to your park delivers numerous advantages.

1. Encourage Physical Skill-Building

Play is a crucial part of children’s physical development. Activities like climbing help them build muscles and gross motor skills. Elements such as sliding boards and swings provide key input to the vestibular system to enhance balance and coordination. Your Playworx rep will help you choose the modular components offering the most valuable support for physical development.

2. Provide a Space to Learn Through Play

The benefits of play extend beyond the physical — it’s also a chance for children to practice social interaction and explore the world around them. By working closely with Playworx, you can create age-appropriate spaces for kids with equipment that:

  • Sparks imaginative play.
  • Lets them engage in friendly competitions.
  • Nurtures cooperation.
  • Provides sensory-exploration elements.
  • Offers the opportunity to challenge themselves and problem-solve.

3. Foster Community Engagement

Community parks are often gathering places for nearby residents. As such, your park offers them a place to meet and connect with their neighbors. These interactions boost a sense of community and belonging. Our design team will collaborate with you to include elements like:

  • Playground equipment to bring kids together for fun and games.
  • Benches to encourage conversation.
  • Grills and tables to host outdoor family meals or communitywide events. 

4. Offer Free Family Recreation Activities

Your community park is pivotal in providing recreational opportunities to families of all economic means. By partnering with Playworx, you’ll create engaging play spaces families can enjoy for free. We help you reach that goal with innovative designs that are fun for everyone.

5. Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Parks with amenities like playgrounds and fitness equipment help guests embrace healthy habits. Instead of being digitally immersed, visitors can destress outdoors by reconnecting with nature. They can also use the space to exercise, further boosting their mental well-being. Perks like bike racks encourage physical activity and environmentally friendly transportation that helps decrease air pollution throughout the community.

Transform Your Park With Playworx

Let’s discuss how we can help you increase your park’s appeal for visitors of all ages. Call a specialist at (866) 806-6541 or connect with us online to get started.


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Playground Equipment for Parks