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Today’s hospitality guests have cited amenities as a top-three deciding factor in their bookings. Dedicated space for physical activity is one way to add features tourists expect, and Playworx can help you make that a reality. Since 2003, we’ve been a trusted partner for lodging facilities throughout Georgia and Florida.

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Our teams provide end-to-end project support, including equipment design, installation and service.

Resort and Hotel Playground Equipment

Playworx is an authorized Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems partner. That distinction gives us access to industry-leading playground equipment. Our high-quality equipment is fully modular to create custom configurations using the elements that best meet your needs.

We’ll collaborate with you to design a play space for all ages. Guests between 6 and 23 months old will enjoy our infant playground equipment, while our toddler playground systems are built for those aged 2 to 5 years. Older kids love engaging with our innovative preteen playground designs for users between ages 5 and 12.

The fun can continue after the teenage years start. We also have older teen and adult play equipment to promote physical activity.

Keep everyone safer with our protective playground surfacing designed for impact attenuation. Many of our options are eco-friendly, and all of them meet accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

More Playworx Products and Services

Playworx can help you equip your space with other products and perks you and your guests will love. Consider our numerous site amenities, like benches, tables and grills. Combining them with our durable shade structures or pavilions creates gorgeous gathering spaces.

We also offer a complete lineup of outdoor fitness equipment to encourage exercise. Guests who appreciate your indoor facilities will enjoy taking their workouts outside.

Additionally, our team helps with playground renovation, recycling and demolition.

Support for Planning, Design, Safety and Financing

Bringing your custom project to life is our specialty. You’ll work with an experienced playground designer to choose the best modular components for your space, needs and budget. They’ll provide advice on playground safety and review your options for financing and purchasing your bespoke system.

Our process begins with an on-site consultation where we listen to what you want to accomplish and take a tour of your space to inform our recommendations.

Expert Installation and Post-Installation Service

Our in-house crews handle the installation so you don’t have to. They’ve undergone extensive factory training and are certified and fully insured, delivering extra peace of mind. These same skilled technicians are also available post-installation to handle warranty-covered replacement parts and repairs at no cost.

5 Benefits of Playgrounds for Your Hotel or Resort

Many advantages exist for hotels and resorts that add playgrounds to their property.

1. Attract More Visitors

Every parent knows traveling with children can be challenging. Little ones get bored when “there’s nothing to do,” so parents often seek lodging that offers kid-friendly amenities. By providing another option for play, you can appeal to more families. More reservations mean more guests will spend more money at your property.

2. Gain a Competitive Edge

The hospitality market can be rather crowded in popular tourist areas. As a result, it can be challenging to stand out. A playground can help you capture attention and differentiate your property from others nearby. These spaces can also be ideal for offering additional paid services your competition might not, such as child care.

3. Provide Family-Friendly Entertainment

Families have many reasons for traveling, including spending time together. A playground provides free entertainment that all family members can enjoy. It’s easy on parents’ budgets and keeps them from having to leave your resort. The more time they stay on your property, the likelier it is that they’re also spending more money at your establishment.

4. Host More Enjoyable Events

Hotels and resorts are commonly home to festivities like weddings and parties. When families stay with you to attend these events, playgrounds are ideal for helping them keep their kids occupied. Children can use them to burn off their excess energy before and after, increasing the likelihood they’ll be better behaved when it matters most.

5. Create Unforgettable Experiences

Family travel is about creating memories together. Playgrounds are the perfect spot to relax, have fun and capture pictures of the smiles and joy. When you give parents and children an unforgettable experience, they’ll tell others about it and consider return visits. Both outcomes can translate into increased business for your property.

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